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An Integrated Guide to Essential Oils

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An Integrated Guide to Essential Oils

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Essential oils are highly penetrating aromatic extracts

from many kinds of plant material- seeds, rind, bark, leaves, twigs, flowers, and nuts. They travel throughout the body, cleansing repairing, and bringing vitality where it is most needed. Essential oils have an amazing potential to perform many powerful functions in the body, but only when true clinical grade essential oils are applied.

Essential oils are most effectively used on a daily basis. They can be used for massage, diffused, added to drinks and recipes, taken in a capsule, or dispersed in bath water among many other uses. They are a powerful source of natural remedies.

3 Things That Essential Oils Do

  1. THEY BRING VITALITY. They bring life into your body. Unlike synthetic molecules that can only block certain body functions or kill microes, essential oils actually vitalize and restore health.
  2. THEY LOWER BODY TOXICITY. They have an extremely important and safe cleansing function that respects the beneficial flora ecosystem of the body.
  3. They allow for a FREE FLOW OF ENERGY throughout the body. 

Discover the powerful and natural uses of essential oils provided throughout this book.

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